Earn from 2% to even 3% per day!
Invest $120 get $320!


Startup Pays benefits:

Trusted company

Our company has external funds for maintenance and regular payouts. We have our own startups that are already generating profits. The funds raised here are used to invest in a new, highly profitable fintech startup idea.

Invest $100, get $320!

Try our new investment program! Invest $100 to get $320 at the end of investment!

Up to 260% return on investment!

You earn from 120% to even 260% on a 120 days scale depending on the amount invested. Use compound interest to earn much more!

You receive $100!

Each new account after registration receives $100. You need to invest at least $100 to get this bonus.

Calculations every 10 minutes

We calculate your earnings every 10 minutes! Each day of the week!

Automatic payouts

We make automatic withdrawals. Unlimited amount of payouts daily. Payouts are confirmed manually to ensure security of the system.

Referal fees

We give up to 8% for direct referals, 36% in total in referal fees (depending on the amount invested). You can earn up to 8% for direct partner.

Cancel your investment ANY TIME

Want to resign? You can cancel your investment any time (but you need to pay cancelation fee)

Start now!!!

100$ for free offer will be only valid till to 15th june 2017!!!


invested by our users

74 days

from when we started


paid out by our users



Payment Methods

Coming soon:

Simple Pricing

You can invest between 5$ to 1.000.000 USD. Interest rates depend on total amount invested.

  • from 5$ to 100$
  • from 100$ to or equal 1.000$
  • from 1.000$ to or equal 10.000$
  • from 10.000$ to or equal 100.000$
  • from 100.000$ to or equal 1.000.000$
  • more than 1.000.000$


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods?

Perfect money and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the easiest and fastest option, granting anonymity and security. If you don't know how to buy bitcoins, use blockchain.info create a wallet and pay by credit card. It's extremely easy!

What is the optimal investment?

At least 100$. You will get 100$ for free then, so after investment you will have 320 USD!

How fast will I get my payout?

Normally 15 to 30 minutes. Up to 1 hour. It's manually accepted but done automatically.

How can you pay up to 3% daily?

We earn more than 3.5% daily for each dollar invested in our startups.

How to contact you?

Register and use our contact formular!

Our address:

169 Electric Road
Causeway Bay, Hongkong